Calligraphy with Rose Marie

Pretty handwriting will never go out of style! We’re offering a series of classes to learn different styles of calligraphy. Check the schedule below for specific dates.

1. Italic: the most popular style since it is so versatile, yet easy to read. It is used most often for poems, invitations, greeting cards, and addressing envelopes.

2. Uncial: has a simple modern look but is a wide letter so needs lots of room. The alphabet has only capital letters.

3: Black Letter: also known as Old English, is used for religious work, resolutions, testimonials, memorials, awards, diplomas, and certificates.

4: Bookhand: is similar to Italic but without the slant and more round, Roman capital look.

5: Copperplate: is used for wedding invitations, certificates, and engrossed documents. It lends itself easily to flourishes.

6: Piece of artwork combining several calligraphy styles.

All classes include supplies and tools.

This class is appropriate for those 15 and older. Class size is limited to 10.

Instructor: Rose Marie Starke

All classes take place at Life in the Craft Room, 33304 W 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills MI.

Click here to view our class fees and cancellation policies.

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