Carolyn Sklarchyk

Carolyn is a handweaver and teacher. Her love of weaving began over 40 years ago when she discovered some old pieces of wood stored in the back of her high school art room closet. This seemingly useless wood actually turned out to be pieces of a vintage loom. She carefully built the loom and, with its construction, began Carolyn’s journey into the world of weaving and her desire to experience all the wonders each warp and weft had to give.

From earning a master’s degree in social work to becoming a wife, mother and working therapist, Carolyn never stopped her study of weaving. Through fiber courses, self-study and private tutelage under accomplished weavers, she honed her skills and began working by commission designing and creating both functional textiles and handwoven art. Her fascination with combinations of structure, color and texture is evident in all of her woven designs. Carolyn now shares her exuberant passion for weaving through teaching the craft to others and watching each student’s own personal relationship with warp and weft blossom.

Carolyn teaches weaving classes here at Life in the Craft Room.

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