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Have you ever looked at a beautifully woven item and thought ‘I wish I could create something like that’? Wanted to try weaving but thought it looked too hard and didn’t know where to start? Come learn the magic of weaving! Whether you need foundational classes that build your skills or a fun and challenging weave-along, there is something here for you!

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Have your own laptop loom? Bring it along and drop in.


Weaving classes feature floor looms, table looms, and rigid heddle (laptop) looms. The floor and table loom classes feature pre-warped (pre-threaded) looms ready to weave your project. The rigid heddle loom classes have looms set up and ready to easily warp and weave.

Learn and Craft

Weaving basics will be discussed to help you understand the ins and outs of the weaving process with a focus on proper technique. Once you get the basics, experimentation is highly encouraged!

Beginner weavers will create a unique wall hanging, scarf, pillow or table runner by the end of class. Returning students have the option of creating a project of their own design. All students will have finished a project by the end of the 4-week class, plus the ability and confidence to weave going forward.


Included in the cost of the class is the use of the looms as well as a variety of other weaving equipment. Thread/yarn already on the floor or table looms is also included. Participants are asked to bring their choice of yarn for their project after guidance from the instructor. From fibers colorful or neutral, smooth or textured, you will find your own balance of elements.

Wherever you are in your weaving journey, come explore and dive into your creative process!

Instructor: Carolyn Sklarchyk

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Scroll down to see the schedule of upcoming weaving classes. Limited spots for each class!

All classes take place at Life in the Craft Room, 33304 W 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills MI.

Click here to view our class fees and cancellation policies.

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  1. HEllo, do you ever offer Loom classes on Saturdays? I would love to learn how to do it but I can’t find a time that I can attend. Thank you

    • Hi Cecilia!
      We are opening up a class time on Tuesdays from 530p-730p starting October 4th! I am discussing a Saturday class with both instructors, but we do not have a starting date yet. If you are signed up to receive the newsletter, we announce new classes and changes coming up on there.


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