Crafting Tips & Articles

Knit Stitch Demo

Knit Stitch: This is from the student’s perspective so you can play it while working on your knitting and not see things backwards.

knotted wool

All Knotted Up?

Are your knits a knot? Did you know “knit” and “knot” are synonyms? While those of us who enjoy yarn prefer keeping these words separate instead of knotted together (;D), the thesaurus dates back to a time when … Read more

balls of yarn

Skein, Hank, Ball, Cake – A Yarn Buying Primer

How do you buy your yarn? It can be darn confusing! A SKEIN is a bundle of yarn either in a hank or ball or cake. A HANK must be wound into a ball or cake. Most yarns … Read more

father and son with hands covered in paint

Family Bonding in the Craft Room

You already know that arts and crafts have amazing health benefits. Have you considered enjoying those benefits with your family? Here are some reasons to make creative activities a family must-have for kids and parents (source): Learning and … Read more

Socializing Boosts Crafting Enjoyment

Find local guilds or meet-ups where people who enjoy arting and crafting gather to discuss techniques, successes, and disasters. And also get support, encouragement, and a sense of community. Though I used to craft alone, I enjoyed these … Read more

making pottery

Tip for Foiling Frustration

When things just seem to go wrong no matter what you do and you start getting frustrated, STOP. Just stop. Take a deep breath and do something else, anything else. Play for 15 minutes, vacuum or sweep (or … Read more

Signs of Our Dedication to Crafting in Farmington Hills

It was exciting to get new signs installed in front of the craft room! Each sign is one of my core values. These are values I’ve held all my life and are central not just to my business … Read more

Aim for Perfect but Embrace Innovation

Handmade crafts are not perfect because humans are not perfect. Every item a machine makes is exactly the same as any other item the machine makes, which means hundreds or thousands of copies that are impersonal. I love … Read more


Tip for Cardmaking – Start with White Ribbon

I only buy white ribbon now… because I can use my ink pads to dye my ribbon to match my ink. This works best on satin ribbons, but I’ve also had success on grosgrain ribbons, too. I lay … Read more

Kimberly cutting the ribbon during Grand Opening

Opening a Business is Like Learning to Craft

Learning a craft is never-ending. There’s always something new to learn – a new technique or application or way of doing something. Whereas learning to craft is, more or less, a once and done thing for each craft. … Read more

Finding Junk is Part of the Pleasure

When we’re working on junk journals, we have lots of options for sourcing our junk. You may have already discovered that it’s not nearly as simple as it would seem. But before we get into sourcing, let’s make … Read more

knitted heart

Too Busy for Arts & Crafts?

When does self-care get scheduled in your calendar? You know you need it but it’s ever so easy to be “too busy”. Is your own physical and mental health always at the bottom of your to-do list? Self-care … Read more

Clean Hands When Working with Clay

Working with polymer clay, such as when making beads or jewelry, leaves a residue on your hands. Soap and water will not remove this oily film. However, thanks to COVID-19, nearly everyone has something that will remove that … Read more

Tip for Paper Crafting Cutting Mats

When using cutting mats for paper crafting, after some time they stop being sticky which leads to the paper not staying in place while your cutting machine works. When the paper doesn’t stay put, the project ends up … Read more

Perfection Is Not Part of Crafting

Think of your best friend, your parents, or a first-grader. Would you expect them to know how to do something perfectly the first time they tried to do something new? Would you let them bad-mouth or belittle themselves … Read more